Hi! I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019 with a BS in Computer Engineering and a BA in Plan II (Liberal Arts). My interests include algorithmic fairness, responsible technology, literature, community engagement, philosophy, economics, statistics, privacy, and intentionality.

Content in this site represent personal views only and are not reflective of any organization that I am part of. This site is also a way for me to practice my writing, so please take everything with a grain (or more) of salt!

Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter with questions and thoughts related to my writing, my experiences, or this site in general!


December 2022: Presenting our work A Systematic Study of Bias Amplification at the workshop on Trustworthy and Socially Responsible Machine Learning at NeurIPS.
I’m organizing an in-person meet-up for workshop attendees on 12/9 in NYC. Reach out if you’re interested in attending! 

October 2022: Presented our work Demographic Disparities in Zero-Shot Vision Tasks at the workshop on Responsible Computer Vision at ECCV.
September 2022: Our paper introducing the HolisticBias dataset of 600 descriptor terms to be used for identifying biases in language models was accepted to EMNLP!
August 2021: I’ve joined the Computer Vision group within FAIR Labs, focusing on society and responsible AI.
March 2021: Our paper on operationalizing model and label fairness measurements is now available.
April 2020: Paper accepted to 2020 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting: Understanding Lexical Biases when Identifying Individuals in Need of Care Resources (first author, University of Texas affiliation).
January 2020: Member of MD4SG Bias, Discrimination, and Fairness working group.
August 2019:
Joined Facebook as a Software Engineer.
March 2019: Published #TrollTracker: Facebook Takes Down Fake Network in the United Kingdom (first author) with the DFRLab which was referenced in the Guardian, the New York Times, CNBC, Reuters, Politico, Wired UK, and Business Insider.
February 2019: Published Meddling in a Middle East Summit (first author) with the DFRLab which was mentioned by BBC Monitoring.
January 2019: Published #TrollTracker: Outward Influence Operation from Iran with DFRLab which was mentioned by the Washington Post.
January 2019: Spent the semester as an Archer Center Fellow in Washington, D.C. and working as a disinformation research intern at the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab.
December 2018: Completed my Engineering Honors thesis: A Method for Analyzing Tweets to Identify Individuals in Need of Community Care Resources and Recommended Precautions.
July 2018: Op-ed Applying Differential Privacy Methods on American Data was featured by the Clements Center for National Security.
August 2017: Spent the year as an Undergraduate Fellow at the Clements Center for National Security.
August 2017: Student profile was featured on Plan II site.
January 2017: Was the Teaching Assistant for the Prof. Lee Walker’s Pathways to Civic Engagement Course.