Thought Provoking Articles: A Response to my Internship at Facebook

Over my past two months working with the Post Search feature at Facebook, I’ve come to realize the value of Facebook’s diverse content in providing an opportunity to learn more about the world and about myself.
On my own Newsfeed I’ve encountered well written articles by reputable institutions – universities, think tanks, research labs, professional journalism outlets – that have made me excited to read and watch more, digging deeper into complex topics. Even more, I’ve wanted to go beyond an individual interaction with virtual media and actually engage the people I see day-to-day, in the world around me, in conversation.

I’ll use this note as a compilation of links to articles, blogs, and media content that I have found interesting. Every engaging idea has deep nuance, so I don’t claim to fully support (or fully understand) what is discussed in these articles. However, message/text/talk to me if you’re intrigued by the ideas here and want to have an interesting, respectful opportunity to consider, discuss, and question them!


*Update: Rather than maintaining this list, I am now trying to write more to hone my ideas and share interesting insights. I will no longer be updating this list.  [December 8, 2017]*

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