Resolution: Be More Aware

The start of the New Year means resolutions of all sorts. For me, I have realized the importance of being aware of the good, bad, and confusing happening in the world. One of my goals this year is to do a better job of educating myself with a basic understanding of matters close and far from my own worldview, so that I am better equipped to engage and serve with others.

It’s hard to know where to start. But over the past few years, I’ve asked managers and mentors how they keep relevant. I’ve amassed a nice list of news, tech, and social email lists that I’ve subscribed to. By making a greater effort to read through these in my spare time (rather than always aimlessly scrolling through social media), I think I’ll be able grow closer to my resolution.

Check them out below, and let me know if you have any others you love (especially the ones that might counter-balance some of the biases and views shared be these!).

World News and Politics:

New York Times Morning Briefing: An overview of the previous day’s events with many internal links to NYT for further investigation. This is a great go-to beginning publication if you don’t have too much time to read many newsletters. Daily. Find it here.

Quartz Daily Brief: Similar to the NYT Morning Briefing, but with many links to external publications and more of a tech-y voice. I also find this newsletter a bit more whimsical which makes for an enjoyable morning read. Daily. Find it here.

Monkey Cage (by the Washington Post): Publishes only from political scientists (and occasionally scholars from similar disciplines), with a world-wide scope and analytical content. One of my government professors recommended this source, and I have found it a perfect balance of academic and accessible. Daily. Find it here

Business and Entrepreneurship:

Morning Brew: Humor, business, tech, trivia, and statistics all wrapped up into one. Recommended by a friend in management consulting and a start-up itself, this publication offers a great business supplement to my sorely lacking awareness of anything corporate. Daily. Find it here.

Snippets (by Social Capital Venture): Depth filled commentary on the state of tech innovation and its implication on society by humanity focused venture firm Social Capital. I’ve been following this newsletter for the past few years since a former manager at Facebook shared it with me and have found it a great read when I have a nice chunk of time on my hands. Weekly. Find it here.


Pick of the Week (by Longform)Lengthy, interesting, and diverse nonfiction articles pulled from around the internet. Recommended by a friend as a source for unique perspectives, these articles are captivating and awe-ing. Weekly. Find it here.


To help with this resolution, I have downloaded the Moment app to track how much time I spend on my phone. I’ve been shocked at how I can spend upwards of three to four hours on my phone in a single day. Find it here

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