I am in my fourth year at the University of Texas in Austin. I’m studying Electrical & Computer Engineering with a data science focus as well as a multidisciplinary liberal arts program, called Plan II. I am especially interested in applying quantitative methods in understanding social issues more fully. Most recently, I have been interested in public policy and national security. I am currently a fellow with the Clements Center for National Security. I am also involved in an artificial intelligence focused research project in a partnership between UT and the US Army Research Laboratory. Finally, I am a member of Texas Orange Jackets, UT’s oldest women’s honorary service organization.

I have interned at Facebook for the past two summers as an FBU Analytics intern and a Release-to-Production intern with an analytics focus. I will be returning this summer as a Software Engineering intern.

I am excited to use this site to hone my ideas and thoughts about all of the interesting intersections between technology and social challenges in the world today. I am tempted to litter this site with disclaimers about my personal opinions (and relative inexperience with life), but will instead try to channel humility and expect that such disclaimers are implied.

Feel free to contact me with questions and thoughts related to my writing, my experiences, or this site in general!